Writers and Marketing – What Makes Sense?

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Live to Write - Write to Live

paris clockA couple of weeks ago, I shared a tally and breakdown of the average number of hours I spend each week on non-writing, marketing-related activities. Though my estimates were rough, the bottom like was that I typically spend between six and eleven hours each week on tasks that range from writing blog posts to posting on social media to meet-and-greets with potential clients.

That’s a lot of hours.

At least, it is in my world.

While I was writing that post (and suddenly realizing just how many hours I actually dedicate to these various pursuits), I began to question what – if anything – I was gaining as a return on the investment of my precious time. After all, time is the most valuable commodity for any writer. It is not something to be squandered. I have often lamented how little time I have to write, and yet here…

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Let me make today, your happiest day..

There is a lot riding on us being able to control our actions and emotions. Its funny how people and the environment we are surrounded, manipulate our state of mind and our well being. A day of yours can be made worse so easily than making it memorable, happy (yup, that plain simple word that sounds so bland and often short-lived).We have heard and probably know about this already, but our minds are so caught up in the world that we even fail to realize it. Like the chocolate addict gulping a bar of rich chocolate during a diet control regimen, we give in to the worldly pleasures. See where that has landed us. Hey! I am a victim too and i fight back every time regardless of what follows later.

What do we do? Its not like we have a button or an app to take care of that yet or do we..? There are programs, regimens that assure to take care of this issue. They even swear to return the remote of our mind’s control to oneself. But not a lot of these programs wanna do it without the aspect of commercialization. For serious decision makers, they enroll and try to pave their own path to recovery. The rest are either stuck or decide not to do anything simply because it’s “cool”, “that’s how it is these days..” blah, blah..

Deal with it however you plan to or life supposedly leads you to. Before making that decision let me share you a simple secret. See if it helps. Use this. Free yourselves from the negativity around. Strengthen that never failing charm in you.

Here is that little secret i want you to hear.

Make wishes, innocent and heart felt ones, simple and profound, stupid and silly. Take charge of this, as it is your world and YOU need to take care of it.You don’t have to tell anyone or even remember it but make an effort to be sincere. Never mind if you cant physically do anything about it. Doesn’t mean  I am telling you to do nothing if you have the heart and guts for it. Start your day wishing for a better world, a place where everyone could live without hurt. Keep throwing wishes when you walk on the street, going somewhere, staring from anywhere. Trust me when i tell, it will return to you even a hundred fold.

If you are still thinking about what to wish, start with these.. I wish that small kid and her mother find some great food to eat. I wish the frowning old man would find a reason to smile. Wish the dog doesn’t have to starve today. All these people need to be real while you wish better for them. Smile and interact with babies and small kids if you can without freaking them out. They are great stress-busters and ensure no one can spoil your happy state of mind. If it is still a genuinely sad day, learn to embrace it and move on. That’s the only way forward.

Last but not the least, Never be selfish in your wishes..nor in sharing this if you liked it. I d love to hear about your thoughts and what you have to tell about this. Have a great day.



My Dear Poetry…

In you did i always sneakingly find my solace,
And we did manage to grab one too many eyes..
A rusty marriage, always was gonna be, on and off,
But the best and memorable moments were just us..
Together, we can make the world skip a heartbeat,
At this frantic pace, many wish or long for one..
I love you with all my heart.. but then i also do not,
My love knows no bounds, crosses all the ones that have..
So strong and wild, my thoughts and words dont cope up,
The crux of moments of divinity and selfless mad love..
Never ever has amounted to even a word on paper..
We both know what i write doesnt measure an ounce,
Even a measure lesser than ounce, of what i really mean..

Passions pushed to new boundaries, love racing to limitless,
The silence and lifelessness on the moon in other moments..
Watchers and readers caught between our seamless fights,
Hoping if we could ever create magic and mesmerimize them..
Writing & time seem to be the villains in our perfect marriage,
But then how is marriage perfect if it ain’t flawed even a bit..
As they always say, love is blind , crazy, out of the world,
So are the ones who find and fall deep in to it too..
A blessing and curse in disguise, A marriage within another
I only tried to coin in our special moments and thoughts,
Swore to never get in touch with writing about us again..
But a silly dear lady never gives up on us, asking time to time,
Here I am bearing to write this about lovely you, only for her..



Hello world!

The world is a wonderful place filled with humans, characters, creatures, organisms adding life to what if’s, why not’s, but’s, how come’s, if only’s. Somewhere along the lines of being extremely shy and almost invisible, I felt the need to connect, share and hear what everyone has to say. As the world shrinks everyday, people tend to grow distant from each other in the real world. This is my small step towards reaching to you, the one who needs someone to listen to, read about and stay sane in this otherwise insane world it’s turning out to be.

Write to me. Share it with me. I wanna be there for you beyond the barriers, physical and mental. Life cannot get better than this very moment you live in. Tick tock. There goes one moment away from the really vast ocean of life you’ve been given to live of. Lets reach out to each other and make our world a better place.

I will wanna write about life, the memorable times, strong battles, the tiniest instincts. I will try to condense a few in to poetry, a beautiful form and my ever favorite. Pretty much explains what i plan to do on here. Look forward to hearing from you.