They can never get to you..

You have got to hand it over to the marketing people these days.. A local movie channel strings together a stream of scenes from classic movies to announce a re run of some interesting movies. One such movie was The Shawshank Redemption among other favorites. The commercial starts so..

Andy speaking to Red and a bunch of his small circle of prison inmate friends..
“There’s something inside they cant get to.. that they cant touch.. Thats  yours..”

Red follows saying “What are you talking about??” ( with that *you re nuts* face)

Its been a dream of mine to write about this movie. I didn’t want to post a review. Enough people have done already and the movie in my opinion falls in to no particular genre of films. I welcome appreciate and respect all the naysayers, also mentioning “this is My something inside they cant get to..” The commercial was up so frequently that it could annoy the holy munchkins out of you. As each time the commercial was up, i could not miss those lines being told again (and again). Made me start wondering if there is anything at all these days which cant get inside you and not play havoc.

Fast forward to after a few more of the commercials and again.. Andy tells the same thing to Red in the same old classics re run commercial. More and more of the same commercial makes you think like a mad soul. Almost on the lines of an imaginary monkey failing to leave your head when you re told to think of anything else but a brown monkey. My thoughts were whats that inside, Andy was telling about?

We are only but a complex set of high end circuits which are made of blood and organs, skin and nerves. How does something so superlatively scientific coincide with stray thoughts disguised as self or myself, something no one can touch inside, you? Love, freedom , sadness can either be accounted
to changes in chemical levels in our body or some external factor that affects your inside.

As we face this one sided battle manipulating the chemicals or contents in our body; Scars.. emotional and physical appear in due process which finally adds up to the uniqueness of our life. There is a role for the so called inside but we fail to acknowledge or realize something so subtle and powerful. Its the inner you thats the real deal. Remember, preserve and persevere to listen to the inner you.

Spend some time a day with the inner you and charge yourself. Its not like the cell phone battery which drains it out only to be filled again. Its the elixir of your life which is slowly filled.. day by day as you cherish and live through each day. Remember , the whole world is going to the dogs someday or the other. You may not be the exact or the only force to stop it from happening. Honestly it doesnt matter.

But you matter. You are living this whole life , this existence for no one else but you. Blame or point your hands to whomever or whatever that makes you say otherwise. We both know thats so not true. Remember we are the very same species as Beethoven, Shakespeare, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci.. i could bet your sweet munchkins they were listening to their insides creating revolution outside. While those outsiders only depend and hand their fate to the inside listening ones.

So Listen carefully, you may not see this again..
“You matter”
Your life and your choices matter.
Stop being what you dont like
Start living like what you want
Havent you started already??
Slow and baby steps do wonders over time

Charge yourself listening to your insides frequently.. You ll feel the difference. Smile from your hearts. Let the stomach resonate it out too.
Stop not. Fret not.


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