Everything that shouldn’t have happened..

I didn’t exactly wanna see you today,
Not among a million other faces here..
Never dreamt of hearing you speak,
Voice with the melodious chimes of bell..
Our eyes weren’t supposed to meet,
Not even see any longer than a second..
Wasn’t counting on second glances either,
Followed with stares and more of stares..

We seem to be a bit of the odd ones now,
caught between the races of heart and mind..
My eyes never misses to drift apart, your way,
Curves of my smiles, aimless.. bent only to you..
The words your voice authors became my music,
Accumulating bundles and more as you speak..
Seeing you is only what matters to me anymore,
Longing to fall in to your sight,ever and forever..

Wish time d be as longer as when you re not around,
Even more longer now especially when you re around..
I didn’t want to hear a thing to say we cant be together,
For time and again, lets break the odds and live our life.. 😉


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